For a transformation that leaves no one behind



Foundations take a stand: The F20 Foundations Platform is an alliance of more than 45 foundations and philanthropic organizations from twelve countries that have joined forces in order to further shape the political discourse on future sustainability measures. Before, during and after the G20 Summit in Hamburg 2017, we call for common and transnational action towards a zero carbon economy and a successful implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Bridging the gap between, politics, the economy and civil society, furthermore, the Foundations Platform objective aims to highlight the strong role civil society is playing in this transformation. On 4th July, a few days before the G20 summit, the Foundations Platform gathered leaders from civil society, business, science and politics at an event in Hamburg. The platform's aim is to demonstrate strong support for the global climate agenda as well as to discuss how to leverage the opportunities and benefits arising from transformational processes.