F20 Report now published

The Foundations Platform F20 report, in cooperation with the French Think Tank IDDRI, is now accessible to the public. Their report "Renewable Energy, Climate Action and Resilient Societies: Accelerating the Global and Local Paradigm Shift" has been published today during a press conference in Hamburg (Germany). It's now available for download.

Press release 4th July 2017: International foundations platform issues call to German G20 presidency

Implementation of UN Agreements for climate protection and sustainability must be core responsibility of G20 – with or without Trump

HAMBURG, GERMANY. A few days before the G20 summit in Hamburg, an international network of foundations calls upon German chancellor Angela Merkel to make climate protection and sustainable development a core responsibility of G20. If necessary, this must be enforced without the agreement of US president Trump.

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Media invitation of the Foundations Platform F20: Tuesday, July 4, 2017, Hamburg City Hall

The media invitation of the Foundations Platform F20 is now available for download in both English and German.

We cordially invite you to (1) our press conference, (2) the event organized by the foundation platform and (3) the hand-over of the F20’s recommendations to the German environment ministers Barbara Hendricks in the City Hall of Hamburg. Please see Media Advisory for further details.

Joint Statement B20, C20, L20, T20, W20, F20 – June 13, 2017

Scientists, business leaders and civil society to G20:  implement the Paris Agreement, with or without the United States

Berlin/Hamburg: Today, an alliance of over 30 foundations representing a capital in the double-digit billion range (US dollars) has joined forces with a group of stakeholders from science, business, and civil society to call on the G20 to implement the Paris Agreement even without the US. In a joint statement, the alliance – consisting of G20 engagement groups such as the Business 20, Think Tank 20, Women 20 and Labour 20 – criticised the US’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement as “short-sighted and irresponsible”, adding that the Paris Climate Agreement is indispensable in tackling the global climate crisis.

“G6” sets the stage for G20 summit: In Hamburg Heads of State need to deliver on the implementation of climate and sustainability goals

Global Platform of Foundations for climate and sustainability, “F20”, established ahead of G20 summit

Berlin/Hamburg (30th May, 2017): According to a newly established global platform of foundations, the F20, ‘the G7 summit in Italy has set the stage for the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg’. ‘Six of the seven Heads of State have demonstrated their determination to implement the Paris Agreement despite the reluctance of the US administration. It is now up to the most powerful economies to lead in turning the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement into reality’, they said in a joint statement. 

30 foundations from all over the world initiate G20 platform for climate change and sustainability

„Bridging the gap between, politics, the economy and civil society”

Berlin/ Osnabrück (17.05.2017): Today, more than 30 foundation from eight countries announced a unique alliance for climate change and a global energy transition. The so called “Foundations Platform” (F20) aims at bridging the gap between the 20 most important industrial countries and emerging economies (G20), the private and financial sector as well as civil society. The Foundations Platform objective is to support the implementation of the Agenda 2030, climate projects, and the deployment of renewable energies. Further they aim at highlighting the strong role civil society plays in the transformation. In total, the foundations represent a capital in the double-digit billion range (US dollars).

Shortly before the G20 summit, the Foundations Platform will gather leaders from civil society, business, science and politics at an event in Hamburg (July 4th). Guest are the economist Lord Nicholas Stern, the sociologist Auma Obama, the author and former advisor to the US government Amory B. Lovins and the Chinese entrepreneur Wang Shi.

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