BONNi & BO Climate Driving License 


The Bürgerstiftung Bonn runs the legally dependent foundation Bonner Klimabotschafter (Bonn Climate Ambassadors) under its umbrella. Every year, this foundation conducts in cooperation with the schools concerned the BONNi & BO climate driving license for around 2,000 elementary school students. By working independently on the questions and tasks in the workbook, the children learn in a fun and playful way how everyone can actively help protect the climate in their own environment. In addition to the questions and tasks, the workbook contains important information on the topics: Climate, electricity, recycling, transportation, nutrition, heating and water. The topics are accompanied by the comics of BONNi & BO. The lion BONNi and the polar bear BO get to know each other in the first comic. BO has left the Arctic to search for the reasons why the ice in his home country is melting. The children have to solve task after task in turn – mostly at home, outside of class time. For each task completed, they get a stamp in their climate savings book. When the savings book is finally “full,” they receive the credit-card-sized BONNi & BO climate driving license in June and thus become “Bonn climate ambassadors.” 

Representatives of a number of leading Community Foundations across the globe called upon the G20 to act on the climate crisis, referring to the recent period of global vulnerability resulting from the pandemic that has impacted many cities and communities. In a joint open letter to the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, signatories stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has proved that intact local infrastructure networks are essential for any effective response. The letter further states that the pandemic will only be one of many constraints that cities and communities face, unless climate action is placed at the top of the international decision making agenda. Increasing the resilience of cities and communities has to be a priority goal for multilateral decision making.

Click here to download the open letter.

The open letter was signed by the following signatories: 
  • Dr. James Magowan, Coordinating Director, European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI)
  • Gaetano Giunta, Secretary General, Fondazione di Comunità di Messina
  • Dr. Catherine Brown OAM, Chief Executive Officer, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation
  • Stefan Schurig, Secretary General, Foundations Platform F20
  • Jon Everett, Director of Business Growth and External Affairs, UK Community Foundations
  • Andrew Chunilall, Chief Executive Officer, Community Foundations of Canada
  • Andrea Dicks, President, Community Foundations of Canada

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