F20 Annual Report 2018

From Hamburg to Buenos Aires and Beyond: Shifting the Trillions – Our Contribution to a Just Transition Foundations Platform F20

by the F20 Head Office

The F20 platform consists of foundations and philanthropic organisations from different parts of the world, yet mainly from the G20 countries. It calls for joint, transnational action towards sustainable development. F20 seeks to provide pathways to solutions for today’s most pressing challenges – climate change and a just transition towards sustainable development, based on renewable energy. F20 builds bridges between civil society, the business and financial sectors, think tanks and politics – within the G20 countries, between them and beyond. The foundations participating in F20 are convinced that only a new level of internationalcollaboration and transformational partnerships can solve the global challenges the world is facing today. F20 thus serves as a global learning platform for advocacy work and
improved cooperation, interlinking foundations globally and suggesting a variety of mutual opportunities. [Download the full report here]

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