F20 Annual Report 2020

Keeping on Track in Times of a Pandemic More Resilience, Recovering Better

by the F20 Head Office

As the pandemic unfolded in 2020, all activities planned for the year had to be shifted to virtual settings. Moreover, the F20 mission had to be put into the context of the global health crisis, the resulting economic crisis, and its political responses. Obvious links be- tween the climate, health, and biodiversity agendas suddenly gained much more attention. Key messages to the G20 and COP26 had to be embedded within the global discourse on recovery and on protection from a future crisis:

The global COVID-19 crisis continues to challenge people in their daily lives, healthcare systems, and economies. At the same time, the question on how re- covery plans can ultimately contribute to more resilient and sustainable societies has become more important than ever before. The pandemic exposed significant shortcomings in our global systems, and the vulner- ability of the global community became evident. The fight against the virus demands a coordinated global response. It became clear that mitigating future risks requires a development trajectory that helps to limit and decrease environmental risks related to climate change, the extinction of species, and the degradation of land. When it comes to coping with massive impacts on the economy, any recovery package must aim to mitigate these future risks at the same time. Thus, we strongly advocated for recovery measures to build up the resilience of our societies, in alignment with the UN 2030 Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement […]

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