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Solutions Finance – a Framework to Mobilize Entire Financial Assets for Systems Transformation

Established in 1937, the McConnell Foundation’s mission is to support Canadians in building a more inclusive, innovative, sustainable and resilient society. We use the lens of systems transformation — changing policies and institutional culture in order to address the root causes of societal challenges – to guide our philanthropic strategy. The Foundation has …

More transparency for sustainable investments – EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

On March 10th the first step of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, SFDR, has entered into force. The SFDR is a complicated term but extremely useful when it comes to fostering sustainable development in the EU. However, there are still some open questions about the classification to article 8 or article 9. But the SFDR is another step to more transparency …

The Value of Diversity for the Bioeconomy

Forests, rivers and people: elements from which the Amazon Concertation initiative builds references in bioeconomy for Brazil’s different Amazons: The Amazonian territorial diversity, reflected in its peoples, cultures, soils, flora and fauna, contains unique elements to provide mankind with better living conditions across sectors such as healthcare, food and climate regulation. It is possible to generate wealth and prosperity with quality, adding value to and conserving genetic heritage through excellence …

Say on Climate

Over 35% of total emissions are due to companies – every company in every sector needs to reduce the full scope of their emissions to net zero.  However, at present companies around the world are failing to produce credible climate transition action plans. Only 0.5% of the 40,000 listed companies globally have set validated targets in line with the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5°C …

A Global Call for an Equitable Wind Down of Fossil Fuels

The world needs to wind down oil, gas and coal production 6% annually to meet the Paris goal of keeping to 1.5 degrees Celsius.  Despite this, national governments have plans to expand production at levels that would result in 120 percent more emissions than the 1.5C limit.  This presents a threat to humanity on par with nuclear weapons in the 20th century. A threat …

Climate Actions of the Biden Administration

It took five years for President Obama to become a climate activist. It’s taken Joe Biden less than ten days. The array of executive actions, statements and staffing decisions he and his colleagues have announced is startling. Among them are his commitment to net zero U.S. emissions by 2050; 100% zero carbon electricity in the U.S. by 2030; a pause on new oil and natural gas …

The Italian G20 and sustainable development

For the first time ever, Italy will host the G20 meeting in 2021. The task of leading this key forum of the world’s most advanced economies is always challenging, but this year it will be even more so, as the world is reeling from the damage inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic and is struggling to find its footing to a recovery from the economic and social damage …

The Decade of Delivery – is Philanthropy ready?

The new year celebrations were muted, most of the world is still confined to their houses waiting for the arrival of the vaccination. But January 1st, 2021 marked the start of a new year and a decade, in which our work on climate change must be anything but muted. The UN dubbed decade of delivery has begun. We must meet the climate emergency by halving global carbon …

The Climate and Health Nexus

Climate change is largely being driven by humans on the planet through actions which increase greenhouse gas emissions and destroy nature and natural carbon sinks such as rainforests. Among the major drivers of climate change, energy from burning fossil fuels accounts for 35% of global emissions, the food system accounts for 24% of emissions through agriculture and land-use …

The Climate and Food Nexus

With the recent publication of the IPBES Pandemics Report, which showcased how the same global environmental changes that drive biodiversity loss and climate change also drive pandemics, the case for systemic change has never been clearer. World leaders can no longer deny the deep links between industrialized agricultural land use, habitat loss, and …

Energy Access and Health Services

Access to basic health services is a fundamental right for any citizen in any part of the planet. But that is not the case for people living in poorer parts of the world. Inefficiencies of delivery models, higher transaction costs, lack of skilled human resources etc. are some of the challenges that have prevented reliable delivery of health services. Simple services like diagnostics or hygienic methods of maternal deliveries are a luxury for most of the populations…

Reshaping Climate Philanthropy for the Better in the Age of COVID-19

As the initial shock of COVID-19 turns to acceptance of a changed world, philanthropies face critical decisions about how their funding will work going forward. For climate philanthropy, this new phase requires us to reevaluate and strengthen our approach to tackling the climate crisis while recognizing we are in the midst of a humanitarian and economic crisis…

Covid-19 crisis: Changemakers from the World Future Council urge global leaders to develop a just and resilient world  

Representatives of the World Future Council from all continents have signed a letter to world leaders in which they outline recommendations and calls for immediate targeted actions required to rebuild a resilient and just world now and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic shows how fragile the current international system is and…

Save-the-Date: F20 events in Saudi Arabia before the G20 summit 2020

We are pleased to invite you to the 4th High-Level Forum of the Foundations 20 Platform on September 14th and the Sustainable Finance Forum on September 13th in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are currently planning a hybrid event taking place in Riyadh, allowing speakers and audience to participate online if travel restrictions are still in place…

Global Corona-Crisis: The only way out is through the way into sustainability

Humankind is faced with an unprecedented global crisis and it isn’t over until we draw the right conclusions and stop repeating the failures of the past. Governments around the world are trying to prepare for the worst impacts yet to come by rapidly ramping up hospital capacities, medical aid and strict orders on ‘physical distancing’…

A Whole-of-Community Approach for our New Decade of Action

The major issues of today’s time are without borders, they touch every one of us in developed and developing countries around the world. Climate change, pandemics, and corruption – to name a few – are common challenges that leave no country unaffected. Such complex and pressing challenges are not going to be addressed adequately by a single nation or continent…

The high expectations for COP26 and beyond

Since the Paris Agreement was gaveled through at COP21, COPs have focused on completing the detailed implementing language, just as the process lost positive participation by one of its main architects – the United States – and global public demands for fast, ambitious action have truly taken off…

F20 Annual Report 2019

Strengthening and shaping the F20 engagement in the G20 and UN climate track – our contribution to shifting the trillions for a just transition: 2019 was the so far busiest year for the F20 platform. At the same time, it was charged with high expectations, as many stakeholders in the realm of climate policy and renewable energy perceived the past year as an important opportunity to raise the ambitions for climate action before the crucial year 2020…

New Wind and Opportunities for Climate Protection and Sustainability in Russia

Ruslan Bayramov the Russian Founder of the International Charity Public Fund “Dialogues of Cultures – United World” and of the exhibition project Etnomir and Klaus Milke, Chairman of Foundations 20 participated as speakers in the annual Russian Donors Forum of this year on October 31 in Moscow…

Opening of the Klima Arena in Sinsheim – A place of knowledge, discussion and participation. For all.

As the planning for the “Klima Arena” (Climate Arena) began about five years ago, the impending climate crisis was already known. However, the theme did not really enter the collective consciousness until about a year ago: through Greta Thunberg and the Fridays for Future movement…

UN Climate Action Summit: Global Civil Society Directs “Ambition Calls” at G20 Countries

The Ambition Call, published ahead of UN Secretary-General Guterres’ 2019 Climate Action Summit, provides recommendations to governments for immediate climate action and points out co-benefits for sustainable development. Ambition Calls were published for the majority of the G20 countries and…

Position paper of Foundation 2°: An ambitious climate protection act as an opportunity for innovation and planning security

Germany is looking at an important moment in climate policy; on September 20th the so-called “climate cabinet” will take place in order to lay the basis for future climate policy in Germany pursuing the climate targets for 2030 and beyond. From a German perspective, this will also send an important signal to the European and international level – only a few days ahead of the climate summit in New York…

Philanthropies’ Role in the year 2050

During the 2019 Foundations 20 (F20) Platform in Japan, I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote address about the role of philanthropies in 2050 and beyond. I approached the topic by reflecting on the advantages and power that we presently hold—as well as our shortcomings—and incorporated thoughts from colleagues working across issue areas on how we can challenge ourselves to chart a path forward for more-effective and just action….

Climate finance for the global renewable energy transition with the help of central banks

Central banks as game changer for large scale climate finance and the possible role of the civil society

To stop climate change at 1.5°C a fast increase of the global renewable energy capacities is inevitable…

First F20 partner foundation from Italy – the Fondazione Unipolis

In February 2019 Fondazione Unipolis joined the F20 as the newest member of the Platform and is the first member from Italy.

Fondazione Unipolis is an Italian non-profit organization, founded 30 years ago by Unipol Group, working especially on culture, sustainable mobility and social innovation, advocating and promoting project in partnership with other no-profit organizations. It has been working to promote sustainability within Companies and to support social start-up to grow up and be engaged…

First F20 partner foundation from Mexico – the Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM)

In January 2019 Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM) joined the F20 as the newest member of the Platform and is the first member from Mexico. Iniciativa Climática de México is a Mexican non-profit organization established in January 2016, as a re-granting, think tanking, advocating, and convening organisation dedicated to reducing Mexico’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions…

F20 Annual Report 2018

From Hamburg to Buenos Aires and Beyond: Shifting the Trillions – Our Contribution to a Just Transition Foundations Platform F20

F20 Calendar 2019

Check out our plans for 2019 in the G20 and UN Climate process.

Review of the F20 Forum in Buenos Aires

With the support of its partner foundation Fundación AVINA and this year’s co-host GdFE, the Argentinian association of corporate foundations, F20 welcomed more than 200 participants including foundation representatives, Ministers, legislators and experts in Buenos Aires September 6th to the 2nd annual F20 High-Level Forum.

Outcome of the Internal F20 Strategy Meeting in Mendoza

This document summarises the results of the two days internal strategy workshop in Mendoza, Argentina with representatives of F20 Steering Group and partner foundations hosted by the BMW foundation. The goal of this workshop was to identify the opportunities for the partner foundations of the F20 platform in the years ahead and to capture a snapshot of the current profile, its self-concept or purpose, as well as its goals and strategy.

African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative AFR100

In May 2018, the Heinz Sielmann Stiftung was the first German foundation to be accepted as a technical partner within the AFR100 Initiative. The African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative has the ambitious goal to restore more than 100 million hectares of degraded forest land in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030.

Agenda 2018 – F20 activities at G7, G20 and the COP24

The Foundations Platform F20 perceives the G20 process and the formal meetings of the UNFCCC (Conference of the Parties, COP) as two important pathways that are heading to the same direction…

Unlocking the trillions for shifting them to renewable energies

Ten years ago the Central Banks started a bailout program to prevent a collapse of our financial system. Now we needed a ‘Climate Bailout’ to prevent global warming above 1.5°C….

G20 Energy Transitions Working Group – A good start in the right direction.

The global transition of the energy sector is one of the global Megatrends and triggers the attention of global policymaking. Hence, the subject is high on the agenda of the G20 summits …

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