Joint letter to UK and Italy leaders (Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Italian Ecological Transition Minister and COP26 President Alok Sharma MP) from UK and Italian Foundations.


To the UK Presidency of the G7 and the Italian G20 Presidency 

This is a historic year for the global effort to combat the climate and biodiversity crisis and to unleash a green recovery in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Governments of the UK and Italy have therefore a critical responsibility and all assets in their hands to make this year a success. Sharing the leadership of major global summits such as the G7, G20 and the UN Climate Talks, both countries have a major opportunity to ensure global coordination and solidarity in implementing the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement.  

Of particular importance are the G7 and G20 Summits and Ministerial meetings in 2021. They represent a unique political opportunity to relaunch global coordination among major countries and to build the foundations of global solidarity to tackle the three interconnected challenges of health, climate and rebuilding economies. 

Without tangible progress and new commitments through the G7 and G20 meetings, it will not be possible to ensure climate ambition progress and solidarity by COP26. The success of the pre-COP in Milan and COP26 in Glasgow depends critically on the G7 and G20 unlocking political will and making new commitments to build trust and solidarity. In particular, it will be key to ensure fair and free access and distribution of COVID-19 vaccine in addition to new financial resources and reforms. 

The signatories of this letter seek to encourage the governments of the United Kingdom and Italy to suggest clear actions on climate change that will lead to closing the emissions, resilience and finance gaps for the implementation of the Paris Agreement: 

  1. Together, the UK and Italy, by their leadership and diplomacy, need to encourage all G20 countries to commit to net-zero by 2050 at the latest; and to send a clear message that the Paris Agreement limit of 1.5C warming is still within reach by setting higher ambition Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) in line with 1.5C, ahead of COP26. 
  2. Together, the UK and Italy have the responsibility to exhibit leadership and demonstrate what “real” net-zero means, recognising that both rapid fossil fuel phase-out and Nature-based Solutions are critical in this endeavour, and that there is no room for unsustainable, unregulated offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions. This starts by phasing out all public financial support for fossil fuels, catalysing a shift from private, internal combustion vehicles to clean, collective mobility solutions, and bringing the G20 to an agreement to end the support of all new coal power plants and mining facilities.  
  3. Together, the UK and Italy need to coordinate to achieve a global green, resilient, healthy and equitable recovery for allG7 countries should place a healthy, inclusive and climate-resilient future at the heart of domestic recovery plans, aligning with ‘do no significant harm principles’, and ensuring that the major share of recovery funding supports healthy, green solutions. G20 countries should strive to do the same. A resilient recovery is one which also increases focus and support for adaptation, loss and damage. 
  4. Together, the UK and Italy need to ensure global solidarity with the most vulnerable countries so that these countries have a chance to address the three systemic challenges of health, climate and food. From the G7, we need to see new climate finance pledges – achieving the $100bn promised – and new mandates for the Multilateral Development Banks that are aligned with a green and healthy post-COVID recovery and delivery of the Paris Agreement. TheG20 should also amplify current efforts to address the lack of fiscal space in vulnerable economies, by providing the necessary liquidity and extending the debt service suspension to end of 2022. 
  5. Together, the UK and Italy need to work to catalyse a greater recognition of the very serious health threat posed by climate change and the health-related costs of climate inaction, including increased malnutrition, disease migration, heat stroke and air pollution. The first step towards action on common health threats is to demonstrate bold leadership in vaccine solidarity.   
  6. Together, the UK and Italy have an obligation to lead the G20 countries towards undertaking actions to protect the natural systems around the world by addressing the direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. This can be achieved through setting clear and robust goals and targets, scaling up investment in biodiversity conservation and accelerating the transition to sustainable patterns of production and consumption. 

We call upon you to seize the moment to deliver a healthier, more resilient and climate safe world. 

Click here to download the joint letter.

Click here to download the Italian version.

We are planning to launch a second round of co-signing with further partners and organisations. Interested organisations are highly welcomed to sign the joint letter. Please contact Karina Turan ( for further information.


Signed by the Executive Management of the following Institutions: 

  • Carola Carazzone, Secretary General, Associazione Italiana delle Fondazioni ed Enti della filantropia Istituzionale (Assifero) 
  • Pierluigi Stefanini, Chairman and Spokesperson, L’Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (ASviS)  
  • Allison Robertshaw, Director, Bulb Foundation 
  • Kate Hampton, Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation 
  • Florence Miller, Director, Environmental Funders Network 
  • Sergio Urbani, General Director, Fondazione Cariplo 
  • Alberto AnfossiSecretary General, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo 
  • Gaetano Giunta, Secretary General, Fondazione di Comunità di Messina 
  • Maria Luisa ParmigianiDirector, Fondazione Unipolis 
  • Klaus MilkeChair, Foundations Platform F20 
  • Mark SouthwoodFounder and Trustee, The Southwood Foundation 
  • Andrew Tuggey Chair, UK Community Foundations 
  • Jeremy FarrarDirector, Wellcome Trust 



  • Cristina Colaiacovo, Chair, Acri’s Commission for Sustainable development (Presidente della Commissione per lo Sviluppo sostenibile di Acri)

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