Joint Climate Statement of G20 Engagement Groups directed to the Italian Presidency of the G20, 2021


Whilst all eyes are now on the upcoming G20 summit in Rome and the ensuing COP26 in Glasgow, we must not forget that these objectives can only be reached through bold climate action and collaboration which goes beyond national borders and across all sectors. Therefore, important Engagement Groups representing Business Leaders (B20), Labour Organisations (L20), Think Tanks (T20), Civil Society and Woman Organisations (C20, W20) and the Foundations Platform F20 have identified common ground and today issued a Joint Climate Statement.

This statement calls upon the G20 Heads of State to ensure a Paris-aligned future for us all. The signatories call upon the G20 to conclude on a firm commitment to achieve a resilient, sustainable and greener transition. Seizing the momentum of this important global summit, B20, C20, L20, T20, W20 and F20 are also calling upon the world leaders to come up with ambitious climate action and concrete interim targets aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement and to enhance adaptation and mitigation measures in the spirit of “leaving no one behind”.

Countries need to ramp up their climate ambitions to address the compound climate-security risks and keep global temperature below 1.5° degrees. Governments all over the world are needed to build global momentum and keep up to their climate change promises. Today’s challenges are inextricably linked to human activity and do largely fuel economic instability and inequality and affect the health, food and water security.

The official Joint Climate Statement of the Engagement Groups directed to the Italian Presidency of the G20 can be found here.

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