F20 High-Level Forum, G20 summit 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 13.09.2018

F20 Forum in Buenos Aires highlights strategies on “Shifting the Trillions – Our Contribution to a Just Transition”

With the support of its partner foundation Fundación AVINA and this year’s co-host GdFE, the Argentinian association of corporate foundations, F20 welcomed more than 200 participants including foundation representatives, Ministers, legislators and experts in Buenos Aires September 6th to the 2nd annual F20 High-Level Forum.

At this high-level forum F20 called upon the Heads of the G20 countries to ensure that the outcome of this year G20 summit in November in Argentina would have to be in line with the goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and the 2030 Agenda. Furthermore, mid-term and short-term decisions by the so called G20 finance ministers relating to energy, infrastructure and international financial flows should aim at reducing carbon footprints and clearing the way for a transformation towards renewable energy.

Guests and speakers included Ricardo Lagos, former President of the Chile, Rabbi Sergio Bergman, Minister of Environment, Argentina, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, former Minister of Environment, Peru and current Leader of the Climate Change Program of WWF International, Ana Toni, Executive Director of Instituto Clima e Sociedad (iCS), Brasil, Mika Ohbayashi, Director of Renewable Energy Institute (REI), Japan, or Naila Farouky, CEO of the Arab Foundations Forum.

Three energizing panels with the overall focus on ‘Shifting the Trillions — Our Contribution to a Just Transition’ elaborated on best ways to accelerate and the energy transition and how to remain well below the dangerous benchmark for average global temperature increase of 1.5° C. It became clear, that a just transition is not only helping the world to remain well below the 1.5° C benchmark but also exhibits already a positive business case in many parts of the world.

The 2030 Agenda and the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement remain as the major framework for a just transition and all speakers emphasised the particular responsibility of foundations in shaping the transition lying ahead. In this context, the F20 platform again proved to be capable of building bridges between different stakeholders, which was well illustrated by the third panel “And Action – Recommendations to the G20 Heads of State to implement the Paris Agreement and the SDGs under the paradigm of a Just Transition”. Representatives of think tanks (T20), business (B20), youth (Y20), cities (Urban20) and the civil society organizations (C20) underlined their recommendations towards the Heads of State and the necessity of joint collaboration became evident.

Ricardo Lagos

former President of Chile

"The moral imperative for urgent action could not be clearer (…) Truly ethical leadership means taking tough decisions in the knowledge that the benefits may not be truly felt until many years after the end of your own lifetime. But this is our collective human and planetary responsibility."

Ramiro Fernandez

Director Climate Change (Fundación Avina) and F20 Co-Chair

"It’s crucial that the G20 stays on track with the Paris Agreement. International financial flows have to be aligned accordingly in order to ensure a just transition. For developing countries as Argentina, we must ensure the new infrastructure we will invest on is resilient to climate change and on track with a low emission development pathway."

Karl Burkart

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

"Everything we care about – SDG 1 through SDG 17 – is dependent upon a safe and healthy planet. And for that we must achieve the goal of staying below 1.5C in global average temperature rise. This is both possible and necessary. We should eliminate ‘2C’ from our vocabulary!"

Klaus Milke

Chair of F20, Founder and Chair of the Sustainability Foundation.

"Protecting the climate is economically, technically and politically feasible and the G20 should set sail in seizing this opportunity. Foundations are part of the solution and are committed to fulfill this role."

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