Postponed COP26 – A necessary measure that must not lead to less climate ambition!

by Klaus Milke, F20 Chair

The UN Climate Summits are an important gateway to combat the global climate crisis. Postponing this year’s COP26 in Glasgow because of the COVID-19 pandemic is a reasonable decision under the current circumstances. The decision was taken by the UN, the UK government and the Italian partners on 1st of April. Nevertheless, all efforts to implement the Paris Climate Agreement within a clear and common framework must continue. All countries, mainly the G20, must lead the way towards higher ambitions, long-term climate mitigation strategies and updated national climate plans (NDCs).

The global COVID-19 crisis clearly marks the urgent need to build resilient societies – this also means to lower global greenhouse gas emissions and the preservation of livelihoods. The UN Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda set out a clear action agenda for public health policies that need to be implemented. Economic stimulus packages will only help if they are based on the SDGs and the goal to become climate neutral by 2050.

Failing to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement by not keeping the global temperature rise well below 2° C is not an option, unless we seek to keep the world in a permanent state of emergency. The climate crisis as the biggest threat facing humanity can´t be stopped and will be a much stronger threat, if we don´t act today.


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