Press Release of the Foundations 20 Platform (F20)  on the outcome of UN Climate Conference (COP 24) – 16th December, 2018

Result of UN Climate Conference marks an “Important milestone towards a successful implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement – certain parts of ‘Paris rulebook’ still missing”

Katowice, Poland: The Chair of the Foundations Platform F20, Klaus Milke, called yesterdays results of the UN Climate Conference in Katowice “an important milestone towards the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement”, but also emphasized that far more efforts are needed by member states to keep global warming below the dangerous benchmark of 1.5 °C temperature increase. Especially the G20 member states, accounting for 74% of current global greenhouse gas emissions, need to act now and lead by example to raise their ambitions on climate mitigation efforts. Despite intense attempts by few countries to slow down progress during the negotiations, the results provide a solid ground for member states to step up their ambition for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. “The fact that we now have a joint framework to operationalize the Paris Climate Agreement including agreements on central parts such as transparency regulations provides the prerequisite for local climate protections measures.“

Milke said that the agreed invitation to all governments to increase their national climate plans, so called NDCs was important. However, it was also disappointing that some governments blocked a far stronger action plan that would have included a strict timeline and reduction path. “At least the framework on planning, implementing and increasing national ambitions – the expected rulebook for implementing the Paris Agreement – was adopted,” Milke stated.

“It is good to see that Parties are now invited to increase their targets until 2020. Countries of the Global South and most vulnerable states have been essential for this progress. The results represent a victory of multilateralism over individual national interests. However, time is running out to agree upon joint efforts to keep global temperature increase below the dangerous benchmark of 1.5°C. Foundations – as part of the solution – are determined to contribute to this process and the Japanese G20 presidency will have an important role to play at the G20 summit next year.”

After the last two weeks of intense negotiations, representatives from almost 200 parties agreed upon the rulebook for the implementation of the Paris Agreement, coming into force in 2020. Some points – like  common timeframes – have been left open. The delegates at the COP 24 stood under additional pressure, as global CO2 emissions are expected to hit a record high this year, exceeding the amount of 2017 by 2.7%. After three years of steadily high emissions, global CO2 emissions have increased again in 2017 and 2018. The Paris Agreement has been agreed by all 195 UN member countries and at the G20 summit two weeks ago in Argentina, 19 of the G20 countries reaffirmed their commitments on the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda.

The Foundations Platform F20 is an alliance of more than 50 foundations and philanthropic organizations from some 15 countries. The platform aims at further gathering the momentum for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement in order to build bridges between different stakeholders, including the private and financial sector, politics and civil society. In total, the foundations represent a capital in the double-digit billion range (US dollars).


International: Stefan Schurig, Secretary General F20 | or +49 177 2510019

Download the press release here.

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