Funding Climate Action and COVID-19 Recovery by New Special Drawing Rights – A Game Changer?

Published: November 2021

This policy briefing, lead-authored by Dr. Matthias Kroll (World Future Council, WFC) and co-authored by Stefan Schurig (Foundations Platform F20), analyses on which way a sum of around $300bn of the newly created SDRs could be rechannelled from the North to the South in form of grants (not loans) to finance COVID-19 recovery and climate action.

F20 Policy Briefing #3/2021


The Nexus Report: Nature Based Solutions to the Biodiversity and Climate Crisis

Published: November 2020

The Nexus Report, lead-authored by Charles Barber (World Resources Institute) and commissioned by the Foundations Platform F20 and its partners Wyss Campaign for Nature (USA) and SEE Foundation (China) stresses the pivotal role of Nature-based Solutions in addressing the crisis of biodiversity loss, climate change and global pandemics.

F20 Nexus Report.pdf (7.71 mb)


F20 Policy Briefing #2/2020 – Achieving the Paris Climate Goals in the COVID-19 era

Published: September 2020

Governments around the world are preparing for the continued fallout from the pandemic, while also developing economic stimulus packages to avoid a collapse of national economies and global markets. This executive briefing, produced in partnership with One Earth and the University of Technology Sydney, sets out the roadmap for a good (66%) likelihood of achieving the 1.5°C limit and shows that doing so will save trillions of dollars in avoided costs, allowing for a more rapid and sustainable economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.

F20 Policy Briefing #2/2020.pdf (2 mb)

Click here for the short video summary.

F20 Policy Briefing #1/2020 – Pushing the G20 towards a Net-Zero Emissions Economy: Country Profiles and Policy Recommendations

Published: January 2020

This F20 Policy Briefing is based on the 2019 Brown to Green Report that was compiled by Climate Transparency and actively contributed to by several F20 partners.

F20 Policy Briefing #1/2020.pdf (1.57 mb)

Aligning G20 Infrastructure Investment with Climate Goals & the 2030 Agenda

Published: 13.06.2019

F20 report to the G20 that was developed in cooperation with the Global Development Policy Center at Boston University and the Brookings Institution on aligning G20 infrastructure investment with climate goals and the 2030 Agenda.

F20 Report to the G20 (2019) G20 Infrastructure Investment.pdf (2.31 mb)

F20 Renewable Energy, Climate Action and Resilient Societies

Published: 04.07.2017

The F20 report, in cooperation with the French Think Tank IDDRI, is now accessible. The report “Renewable Energy, Climate Action and Resilient Societies: Accelerating the Global and Local Paradigm Shift” has been published today during a press conference in Hamburg (Germany). It’s now available for download.

F20 Renewable Energy, Climate Action and Resilient Societies.pdf (1.6mb)

F20 Annual Report 2021

Published: May 2021

Setting Sail for the Decade of Implementation 


F20 Annual Report 2021

F20 Annual Report 2020

Published: May 2021

Keeping on Track in Times of a Pandemic: More Resilience, Recovering Better


F20 Annual Report 2020.pdf (3 mb)

F20 Annual Report 2019

Published: March 2020

Strengthening and shaping the F20 engagement in the G20 and UN climate track – our contribution to shifting the trillions for a just transition


F20 Annual Report 2019.pdf (5.66 mb)

F20 Annual Report 2018

Published: April 2019

From Hamburg to Buenos Aires and Beyond: Shifting the Trillions – Our Contribution to a Just Transition Foundations Platform F20


F20 Annual Report 2018.pdf (2.85 mb)

The concept of a ‘regenerative city’: How to turn cities into regenerative systems

Originally Published: Henry Stewart Publications, November 2021

Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal Volume 15 Number 2


Article Regenerative City_Schurig_Turan

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